Woodland Tracker Course

Suitable for: Individuals over 16; Wildlife photographers; Bushcraft / Wildlife / Tracking enthusiasts

Previous Experience Required: Wilderness camping experience and basic tracking experience preferred


The Woodland Tracker course is an intermediate (level 4) technical tracking course especially designed to show you how to track in woodland and forest environments. If you are new to tracking, we recommend you initially attend the Wilderness Immersion Course. 

All tracking techniques serve a purpose in their own right and some are better than others, but the techniques we have developed are specifically designed to track the quarry in the somewhat difficult substrates and climate which is our British woodland.

For this, we will draw on our expert knowledge of the natural environment, old school natural history studyknowledge of bushcraft, modern forensic techniques and induction / deduction techniques. We will be analysing and interpreting tracks and gaits in detail and using speculative methods in an attempt to outwit our quarry. Of course we will further develop and enhance your senses.

Once near your quarry, we will remind you of some field-craft skills and enhance those with a mixture of armed forces field craft and police CROPS and surveillance techniques. We will add a smattering of old fashioned countryman hunting skills to get you even closer to your quarry.

Despite inevitable difficulties and the hard work involved, this will be a relaxed course with no pressure from you to “perform”. Our base-camp set-up will provide you with all the hot drinks you require, and you will be able to relax and soak up the wonderful woodland or forest setting and chill out in the evenings or alternatively go off and observe the wonderful wildlife. You will have to track and find them first of course!


This is a self catering course and you will be wild-camping in a woodland or forest setting. Please bring a small tent or hammock, tarp and bivi.

Please bring a stove and enough food for the weekend. You can cook over our open fire if you prefer. We will provide you with all fresh drinking water you require but please bring a liquid container.

You are advised to bring an additional small day sack.

We will send you joining instructions including a map to the meeting point after you have paid the balance or paid in full.

You will be sent an an additional kit list and special instructions with your joining instructions.

The course will run from Friday 1800 (6:00pm) to Sunday 1500 (3:00pm).

Sorry, no dogs.

Before booking – please ensure you have read the terms and conditions on the right. By continuing to the booking site we assume you agree to the terms and conditions.

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