Wilderness Immersion

Suitable for: Individuals over 16 (younger ages with an adult welcome – but please contact us first) ; Wildlife photographers; Bushcraft / Wildlife / Tracking enthusiasts

Previous Experience Required: Wilderness camping experience preferred


This is the ultimate wildlife / wilderness course! A whole weekend of immersion into England’s forests and woodlands getting close-up and personal with it’s inhabitants. Includes night tracking, and use of dark adaption techniques. This is suitable for individuals over 16. It is suggested that participants have some experience of wild camping.

During the course you will be shown fundamental tracking techniqueswilderness awareness and field-craft techniques to enable you to get up close and personal with the woodland and forest inhabitants. You will also be shown how identify homestrails and runs. 

Although we have a base-camp you will be staying out alone in the Forest on Saturday night. We suggest you bring a spare tarp or shelter. This sounds like a survival course but it isn’t. The trick is to remain comfortable while immersing yourself in the woodland and forest. You will finish the course with a new outlook and sense of peace.

The session includes:

Making the most of what we’ve got – Using our senses in the woods

Animal senses

Dark addition techniques

History of tracking

Tracking and tracking techniques

Compression shapes

Feeding and other signs

Homes, trails and runs

Field-craft techniques

Getting close to wildlife: Baits, calls, and attractants

Wildlife observation techniques – How to get close

Use of local woodland resources

Bird dynamics

Sketch mapping

Erecting quick shelters and advice for wild camping


This is a self catering course. Please bring a lightweight stove and food. We suggest this is boil-in-the-bag type meals. We will replenish you with fresh drinking water.

Saturday night is spent away from base camp in the Forest (if you want to) so either bring a spare tarp or shelter, or be prepared to pack your kit away on Saturday morning.

We will send you joining instructions including a map to the meeting point after you have paid the balance or paid in full.

You will be sent an an additional kit list and special instructions on booking.

The course will run from Friday 1800 (6:00pm) to Sunday 1500 (3:00pm).

Sorry, no dogs.

Before booking – please ensure you have read the terms and conditions on the right. By continuing to the booking site we assume you agree to our terms and conditions.

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