UAS Information

Foxtrot 4

UAS Information

DJI Mini 3 Pro

Flight Category and Permissions. This aircraft weighs under 250g and is being flown in the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Open category and A1 sub-category. Flights in this sub-category are permitted without authorisation, with no minimum separation distance and directly over uninvolved persons*. It is permitted to fly these ‘ultra-light’ drones in residential, commercial, industrial, and recreational areas.

Drone Regulations and Tracking. This flight is being conducted in full accordance with CAA Drone regulations, taking into account CAA Flight Restriction Zones (FRZs), visual line-of-sight (VLOS), altitude limits and the safety of others. The aircraft records a digital log of its flightpath via GPS tracking, which can be used to demonstrate that it has been flown legally at all times.

Licensing. A CAA Operator ID must be displayed on the aircraft. This a legal requirement for all (non-toy) drones in the UK. This is in place on the aircraft being flown here. There is no requirement for a sub-250g drone operator to hold a Flyer ID or insurance. The operator of this UAS has CAA Flyer ID.

Private Land. Landowners may only stipulate that drones may not take-off from or land on their property. However, in the UK, landowners do not control the airspace above their property, and therefore have no authority over flights over their land if take-off and landing is from elsewhere.

Your privacy. There are no laws preventing people from taking photographs of others in public. Unless the images which have been taken are indecent, no one has the right to:

  • ask a photographer to stop
  • ask for a copy of the photos 
  • force a photographer to delete the photographs.

The operator of this UAS does not deliberately take pictures of people without their permission especially when they are are on the privacy of their own land. Most of the time the camera is not recording. If you accidentally walk into shot the operator will endeavour to mask or delete this footage where a person may be identified.

Operator Privacy. Under UK data protection law, the operator of this drone is under no obligation to provide a third party (except the police) with his or her personal details including name and address.

For more detailed information, please see the CAA website:

*as defined by CAA

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