About Woodlife

Woodlife was established to provide unique nature-based courses introducing and immersing participants into the woodlands and forests of the UK and other world-wide environments.

Our aim is to guide you on a journey of discovery heightening your awareness and enabling you to appreciate and get closer to wildlife.

We will quickly help you rediscover dormant skills enabling you to appreciate nature.

In association with the National Trust we provide courses and programmes for families, conservation groups, school and youth groups (including scouts & cadets), social, organisational, works or corporate groups, individuals, enthusiasts and outdoor professionals.

Our courses include wildlife tracking and nature awareness programmes for enthusiasts and professionals.

These sessions are designed to provide you with a woodland experience that will probably change your life.

We won’t just show you what… We Will Show You How.


All  Woodlife staff are trained to educate and develop people as opposed to ‘instructing’ them. 

We have a vast array of personal adult learning qualifications to match this ethos including a Master’s degree in Learning and Development, Cert Ed., NVQ’s in adult teaching and training, NVQ assessing and counselling skills. 

Every staff member has had at least 3 years experience teaching outdoor skills with other bushcraft or tracking schools or has undertaken Woodlife  own exacting 3-year trainer programme, which has been designed and is delivered by a qualified “Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector” trainer and assessor (Edexel) up to the teaching profession’s CTTLS standard.

We are all fully qualified in First Aid (HSE) and, of course, fully insured. Our courses have been approved by the National Trust.


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