Sharp tools policy

Our sharp-tool and knife Policy

We acknowledge that a knife is one of the most important tools for working in woodlands and forests.

Some of our courses will require the use of a knife as a tool. If you do not have your own knife, you may borrow one from us, which you must return at the end of the course.

Folding pocket knives are not suitable in normal circumstances as a working tool in wilderness situations. Please contact us for advice.

Woodlife  will always promote the safe use of knives at every opportunity and promote awareness of bladed and sharp tools reiterating UK law.

Every course participant will have their knife inspected by a member of Woodlife staff and be provided with a knife safety brief at the start of the course if knives are being used. This will be prior to any use of the knife and irrespective of the participant’s experience with knives.

Participants will also be informed of their responsibility with regards to UK law in respect of possession of sharply pointed or bladed articles in a public place.

Please do not bring axes or other bladed tools on any of our courses unless specifically requested.

You must have a personal first aid pack on you at all times when using a knife on our courses.

Persons under 16 will only use knives under supervision of an adult or guide.

We will not allow any bladed tools to be sold to Under 18′s during our courses.

Bladed tools will not be used after dark unless otherwise instructed by a guide.

Legal position of carrying knives in Public (UK only)

Current UK law states that the onus is on the person in possession of a sharply pointed or bladed article over 3 inches in length (folding or otherwise) in a public place to prove that he or she is carrying it for a legitimate purpose. Police officers can stop and search a person who they reasonably believe is carrying a such an article and detain them for the purpose of doing so.

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