Wilderness Immersion

The Wilderness Immersion Course is the first of our tracking courses. It concentrates on immersing participants in our ancient Forest location. The courses cover foundation tracking subjects such as field craft and tracks & signs identification. Go here for more details.

Woodland Tracker Course

The Woodland Tracker is the second in the series of our practical tracking courses based in Hatfield Forest. This is more of a technical tracking course where you will learn more tracking techniques and advanced subjects such as ageing tracks and identifying gait patterns. Go here for more details.

Forest Tracker Course

The Forest tracker is the third in our series of practical tracking courses and concentrates on advanced field craft and tracking techniques. The course assumes a good knowledge of tracking Subjects and takes you advanced levels in tracking techniques, fieldcraft and immersion in our ancient Forest location. Go here for more details.

Bush Tracker Course

Can you feed your family using primitive methods? Track your quarry, use projectile weapons, prepare your food and cook it. This is a Level 5 course designed to encourage the participants to use minimal kit for 3-days and to hone skills in tracking and bushcraft. Each stage is designed to simulate finding your quarry, tracking up it, stalking it, shooting it (simulated) and preparing it for the pot. Go here for more details.

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