Master Tracker

Master Tracker – A Comprehensive Guide on How to Become a Wildlife Tracker by Pablo

“The book is a fully illustrated, comprehensive learning guide on how to become a wildlife tracker. The author takes the reader through the fundamentals of tracking, learning about animal foot and leg morphology, tracking methods and techniques and the various traits of each of the animal families found in the UK and how to identify their tracks and signs. This is more of a learning guide than a field guide which is ideal for anyone wishing to take up tracking for recreational or professional purposes.”

Master Tracker is available in several formats:

  • Hardcover
  • Paperback
  • EPub (Kindle)
  • Apple Books (for iPad)
  • Online Programme 

All versions feature:

352 – 420 pages (depending on version)

  • Chapters include:
  • Foundations
  • Tracking Theory
  • Animal Tracks and Signs
  • Animal Families
  • Senses & Fieldcraft
  • Environments and Substrates
  • Climates
  • Resources
  • Interactive galleries (e-versions only)
  • Tasks
  • Illustrations
  • Diagrams
  • Images
  • Movies
  • Journal Entries
  • Support resources

Hardcover & paperback

The printed versions of Master Tracker are independently published and copies are printed on demand.

To reduce costs we ship in batches of 5 orders – therefore please complete this order form.

We will let you know when the order is ready and send you an invoice.

Hardcover £35 | Paperback £32 +pp

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