Master Tracker Online Programme

Fully updated for 2024

Learn how to read the woodland signs

A walk in the woods without knowing how to track is like going to a library not knowing how to read.  Learn how to read the woodland signs.
      Woodlife is offering this unique online tracking package

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Master Tracker Programme

Fully updated for 2024

Master Tracker is a complete online foundation to expert, structured learning programme for tracking and nature enthusiasts which is flexible, affordable and comprehensive.

All of the learning material is online affording the participant the flexibility of learning in their own time, at their own pace and at a location of their choice.

Once on the programme you will have access to the online learning platform which contains all learning material, online support, resources, online tuition, live talks and webinars. There is an active online social community with a discussion briefing/debriefing facility and a video-link facility for one-to-one sessions.

There are roughly 50 lessons all designed to put you on a journey to become a Master Tracker



Payment is a simple one-off payment of £395 for the complete programme.

(Monthly debits can be arranged)

Our optional Spring and Autumn consolidation weekends are an additional £220 each.

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What do I get

Access to the online learning site

Access to all online learning materials including in excess of 50 tracking lessons

Access to quiz’s, assignments and assessments with personal feedback

Access to online talks and webinars

Membership to our online community

Access to online one-to-one tutorage

Access to personal performance and progress indicators (if required.)

Opportunity to book on to consolidation weekends (optional extra)


A quick look 

The program is UK-based but most topics are suitable for all countries and environments. 

As tracking is fundamentally a practical skill, you will have tasks and assignments to carry out at your leisure and in your own environment. We can debrief your findings as we would in field. You will also have the option of consolidating your learning with us at our UK forest location during the two optional weekends designed to address subjects within the programme. There will be one weekend in the spring and one in the autumn. 

Register for our online site Basecamp (registration is free) and experience some demo lessons.

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Your Instructor

Pablo served in the British Army for 12 years. There he picked up the rudiments of living off the land, field craft skills and a few survival and tracking skills.

For most of his service he was a Physical Training Instructor and specialised in expedition leading and adventure training. After leaving the forces, he carried on these survival and wilderness skills as a pastime but related them more to watching wildlife. He uses bushcraft, tracking and field craft skills to get as close as he can to wildlife.

Wildlife and Tracking:

Pablo is a life-long wildlife and tracking enthusiast. He was an instructor with Shadowhawk Tracking School and has travelled to Southern Africa to learn tracking from the Ju’/Hoansi, Southern Africa’s indigenous Hunter Gatherer people and expert trackers. He has been to South Africa on two further occasions to study wildlife conservation with South Africa’s foremost anti-poaching instructor Les Brett from Dung Beetle Bush School. He has also tracked in Canada and Central Europe. He co-owns Forest Life, and Riverlife retreat based in a forest setting in central France.

Forensic Tracking:

Pablo’s second career was in law enforcement and culminated in him being a senior detective in a UK law enforcement agency. This has given him the background to teach forensic tracking to professionals.

Teaching Training and Instructing:

Pablo has a Master’s degree in Learning and Development and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. He is a qualified NVQ assessor and is qualified to teach and assess Certificate & Diploma in Education & Training Levels 3-5. He is a consultant trainer and co-director for a fire investigation company advising on forensic aspects of fire investigation and delivering online learning solutions. 

Writing, TV, Talks and Education

Pablo is an expert speaker and a published author writing for bushcraft and wildlife magazines and other publications. He contributed to ‘Traditional Naturopathic Remedies and Tips’ by Roderick Lane, M.D with a chapter on ‘Ticks’ and has contributed to the current version of the Scouting Manual published by Haynes.

He has talked on various stages – and his highly interactive, amusing and educational talks are always popular. His educational talks and visit are equally well received.


What are the main topics?

There are about 50 lessons. The main topics are:

Foundations and fundamentals

Tracking theory

Animal families

Animal tracks and signs

Environments, climates and substrates

The Senses and Fieldcraft

(See below for subjects within the topics)


How do I know if I’ve been successful?

To be successful in the Master Tracker programme you should take the formal route and complete all subjects in the programme including the tasks, assignments & assessments.

You will have an online learning profile which tracks your progress. Any assignments, tasks and assessments will be visible to you and an online tutor will assist you.

To be successful you must:

Complete each module including the topics, subjects and the activities within it. There are questions, quiz’s, tasks and practical assignments to complete.

Successfully complete the end of programme knowledge and understanding assessments.

Successfully complete the practical assessments.

Be signed off by one of our tracking instructors.

Of course, you can take the casual route and just complete the course at your leisure without any requirement to submit work.


Full break-down of subjects

Introduction, History and reasons to track

Qualities of a tracker

Required knowledge

Art & Science

Principles of tracking

Evidence spoor

Sit spots

Zone in

Concentric circles

Dirt time

Fundamentals of tracking

Notes for nature

Taking notes


Sound maps

Nature detective


Ground sign

Air top sign


Track terminology

Compression shapes


Ageing (basics)

Action indicators (basic)

Lost spoor tracked out


Language of the forest

Visual Behaviour


Bird Behaviour

Baits and calls




Tracking Theory

Types methods and styles of tracking




Tracking Techniques

Ageing Tracks and Signs

Animal tracks & signs

Foot, leg and print morphology

Trails & runs

Homes and dens

Hair & fur

Feeding signs


Gait patterns

Gait & track analysis

The Senses and Fieldcraft

Sight – Stare

Sight – Shape, Silhouette, Shine

Touch – Speed, Vibration

Smell & Taste – Scent

Hearing – Sound, Silence

Dark Adaptation

Other Senses

Stalking strategies

The Quarry – Animal families




Homodinae (Intro)


Muridae and others

Environments & Substrates




Natures calendar

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Master Tracker Programme

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