Master Tracker

Master Tracker Program (Level 5 Diploma in Tracking) v1

Coming in 2021…

Woodlife will be offering this unique tracking package. As far as we know this is the only package of its type in the world. 

The program will be a ‘cradle-to-grave’ tracking program which is flexible, affordable and comprehensive.

Born about by the lockdown of Coronovirus 2020, the Master Tracker program will be the only tracking course in the world offering combinations of online learning, online support, online resources and talks from expert trackers and instructors with the option of attending practical courses in forest locations.

The program will be UK-based but most modules are suitable for all countries and environments. Bolt-on environments will be available at a later date.

What is it?

The Master Tracker is a complete program in 4 modules designed to be undertaken within 12 months. We recognise that people have other commitments so the program is flexible both in terms of completion times and payment plans.

With the completion of each module you will progress quickly through a structured learning program which leads you from the fundamentals of tracking to advanced levels. These aren’t just field guides – the program is designed to set you on your journey to become a Master Tracker. You wont be a Master tracker at the end of it –  but you will be well on the way!

How does it work?

Within the program each module has a number topics and subjects. The theoretical subject matter has been put on an online learning platform accessible from anywhere in the world. The material is not just reading material, YouTube videos or online PowerPoints – it’s a structured interactive learning program developed by a qualified online course designer. It even has its own mobile device app so that modules can be dowloaded for access even without internet connection.

The program involves learning about tracking subjects and progressing through the module. You may elect to study the whole program or just certain modules or even certain subjects. 

As well as access to online learning you will have access to online resources, live talks and interactive online classroom sessions led by expert trackers and instructors. If you miss a classroom session, don’t worry. It will be available to you in the resource area after the session. There will be an active online social area with a discussion briefing/ debriefing facility and a live video-link facility.

As tracking is fundamentally a practical skill, you will have tasks to carry out at your leisure and in your own environment, or you will have the option of consolidating your learning with us at our UK forest location during the 4 optional weekends designed to address the subjects of each module. There will be 2 weekends in the spring and 2 in the autumn. 

The payment plans are also flexible. The basic subscription gives you access to the online learning site, the online resources and the social area. Once you have subscribed you can elect to study the whole Master Tracker program or elect to undertake individual modules or certain subjects. Our pay-as-you-go scheme allows you to add modules or topics as you wish including attending our forest weekends.

An interactive e-book will also be available which contains all the content and more. It will be free of charge for those on the top level plan or as an additional cost to other plans.

What is a Level 5 Diploma?

The Master Tracker program is designed around a Level 5 Diploma qualification. This is based on OFQUAL’s Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). The levels (1-7) are levels of difficulty. RQF also consider the depth of learning in the Total Qualification Time (TQT) taken to achieve the subject in terms of Awards, Certificates and Diplomas. We consider the amount of time to complete this program (360 hours) constitutes a Diploma, which is first-year degree level. The program is not accredited with an awarding body at this time; therefore you will not receive an official qualification – but you will receive a certificate of completion from us.

What are the main topics?

Fundamentals of tracking

Animal families

Animal Tracking

Environments, terrains and substrates


Human tracking

Advanced tracking subjects such as team tracking

Birds, reptiles and insects tracking

What are the subjects?

The subjects under each topic are listed separately as they are too numerous to be listed here. But can be supplied on application.

How do I know I’ve been successful?

You will have an online learning profile which tracks your progress.

To complete the whole Master Tracker program ie Level 5 Diploma you must:

  • Complete each module including the topics, subjects and the activities within it. There are questions, quiz’s, tasks and practical assigments to complete.
  • Successfully complete the end of module knowledge and understanding assessments.
  • Successfully complete the practical assessments.
  • Be signed off by one of our instructor trackers.

Next step: express interest here and we will send you more details of our program including levels and modules.