Master Tracker Plans

 Full package Diploma L5Module by ModulePAYG
All includedPer module (only 1-3 available at this time)Per topic/subject subject to availability (See list)
Membership to BasecampIncludedIncluded£25 one-off cost
ModulesAllEach moduleNA
SubjectsAllAll subjects in each moduleIndividual subjects £25-£125
Online talksAllAll£10 per talk
Online resourcesAllAllAll
Tutorage (free)Online/in personOnline only unless paying extra for weekendsOnline only unless paying extra for weekends
Social areaYesYesYes
Weekends4 weekends includedoptional £210 per weekendoptional £210 per weekend
Interactive book (Apple books only)Included£35.00£35.00
Bolt onsAvailableAvailableAvailable
Price£1250Module 1 - £195£25 - £125 per subject (See list)
Module 2 - £150
Module 3 - £195
Module 4 - £195*