Woodlife's Online Basecamp

Welcome to Woodlife's Online Basecamp.

There's nothing like going into the outdoors and sitting around a campfire. This site isn't meant to replace that experience. This is designed to get people together in these unprecedented times (March 2020) and hopefully inspire and share knowledge together.

Pablo has added free tracking modules in Tracking Fundamentals. All you have to do is register for the site and enrol onto the course. It’s not the full course but more may be added later.

He will also be adding with some full courses and a few ideas to get you outdoors to practice what you learn.

You can also sign up for Campfire which is a social area.

Hopefully we will be using this as a bit of a virtual fire and community get-together as well to support the Woodlife and extended Family.

Hope you have fun. Keep Safe and well.

The Woodlife Team.