About Trooper

Trooper or Troops for the best part of 10+yrs worked in the Theatre, Television and Concert industry as a rigger, flyman and stage technician before moving to Devon in 2000 to run his own Motorcycle repair business. Troops moved back to Essex where he began working with young people in the care of local authorities which he finds an exceptionally rewarding job and continues to do to this day.

Troops has always had an interest, love and awe in all things Outdoorsy and Survival and often spending days out on survival/ wild camping weekends, animal and bird watching with friends and family members and teaching himself basic Bushcraft skills.

A fortuitous chance meeting in a multi-story car-park in 2008 lead to Troops meeting Pablo, and consequently became a founding member of the Woodlife Trails sponsored Essex Outbacks Bushcraft Group. This opened up a whole new world of Tracking and related field craft from which Troops has never looked back.

Now after a number of years of hard graft and learning from both Pablo JP, Troops has worked up from course helper to assistant to mentor to Diploma student and eventually earning the coveted burgundy shirt signifying full instructor.

Troops also volunteers at least one day a month with the Wilderness Foundation where he passes on Bushcraft knowledge and skills as their Bushcraft Mentor.

As well as his love of Bushcraft Troops is a qualified Residential worker and mechanical engineer. He loves walking holidays in the Lake District and is heavily involved In his other life passion; Motorcycles.

He loves reading and cooking and has been lucky enough to experience such things as winter dog sledding in Finland, walking with Wolves, as well as swimming with Dolphins and Manatee in Florida.

His Bushcraft ambitions are to go on a month long Canoe safari around Canada in an open canoe and Track Wolves in either Europe or North America.

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