About Pablo

Pablo served in the British Army for 12 years. There he picked up the rudiments of living off the land, field craft skills and a few survival and tracking skills.

For most of his service he was a Physical Training Instructor and specialised in expedition leading and adventure training. After leaving the forces, he carried on these survival and wilderness skills as a pastime but related them more to watching wildlife. He uses bushcraft, tracking and field craft skills to get as close as he can to wildlife.

Wildlife and Tracking:

Pablo is a life-long wildlife and tracking enthusiast. He was an instructor with Shadowhawk Tracking School and has travelled to Southern Africa to learn tracking from the Ju’/Hoansi, Southern Africa’s indigenous Hunter Gatherer people and expert trackers. He has been to South Africa on two further occasions to study wildlife conservation with South Africa’s foremost anti-poaching instructor Les Brett from Dung Beetle Bush School.

In 2019 Pablo was given the privilege of performing his first dangerous animal stalk leading a group close to a rhino and very young calf; an experience Pablo describes as “Indescribable!”

He has also tracked in Canada and Central Europe. He co-owns Forest Life, and Riverlife retreat based in a forest setting in central France.

Forensic Tracking:

Pablo’s second career was in law enforcement and culminated in him being a senior detective in a UK law enforcement agency. This has given him the background to pursue tracking not just as a pastime but as a professional forensic tracker. Pablo remains a consultant investigator for the UK fire and rescue services and has devised online fire-investigation programmes. 


Bushcraft is utilising natural resources where appropriate to make life easier & more comfortable in the outdoors. The Bushcraft ethos of working closer to nature suits Pablo’s easy going attitude to the outdoors. It also helps him get closer to nature. Pablo teaches basic bushcraft skills as a means to an end to improve tracking experiences.

Teaching Training and Instructing:

Pablo has a Master’s degree in Learning and Development and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. He is a qualified NVQ assessor and is qualified to teach and assess Certificate & Diploma in Education & Training Levels 3-5 (previously PTLLS, CTLLS and DTLLS.) He is a consultant trainer and co-director for a fire investigation company advising on forensic aspects of fire investigation and delivering online learning solutions.

He has directed strategic management groups on corporate Senior Management Development Courses and has designed and delivered learning and development courses for UK law enforcement in a variety of areas including Detective Training, Search Training and Personal Safety Training.

Writing, TV, Talks and Education

Pablo was the regular article writer for Bushcraft and survival Skills magazine having articles published in every issues from 2009 – 2014.

Pablo has had an article on “Ticks” published in “Traditional Naturopathic Remedies and Tips” by Roderick Lane , M.D and has contributed to the current version of the Scouting Manual published by Haynes.

He has talked on various stages – and his highly interactive, amusing and educational talks are always popular. His educational talks and visit are equally well received.

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