Pablo’s POI

Here’s that ‘Hello world’ you get when you write your very first blog. In fact I’ve been writing blogs since 2005 ( Really? 15 years ago?) first published on this very website. In 2018 I downloaded the old blog – all 300,000 words covering 12 years or so. Perhaps it will be a book or something when I get older. Wait a minute! I am older! And I’ve already started a book – yes, a real book about tracking. More about that later.

So here we have a bright new start. A bright new website. A bright new Woodlife. Bright new projects and a bright new business flow.

This is a page of information (hence points of interest – geddit?) occasionally personal and occasionally completely irrelevant. I will try to be informative where I can and I will also try to update you regarding specific Woodlife projects.

Hope you enjoy Pablo’s POI \^/